Wednesday – 12th Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel – Matthew 7:15-20

The Moral of the Story….

Shepherding in the Judean Desert

You can tell a tree by its fruit.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  As you sow, so shall you reap!  It only takes one rotten apple to sour the barrel.  Need I say more?  Feel free to add more of your own! 

Which brings us to today’s Gospel – beware of false prophets, bad fruit, wolves in sheep clothing!  It reminds me of Aesop’s original fable:

Night after night, a wolf prowled around a flock of sheep looking for one to eat, but the shepherd and his dog always chased the wolf away. But one day the wolf found the skin of a sheep that had been thrown aside. He pulled the skin carefully over him so that none of his fur showed under the white fleece. Then he strolled among the flock. A lamb, thinking that the wolf was its mother, followed him into the woods - and there the wolf made a meal of the lamb!

So for many days the wolf was able to get a sheep whenever he pleased. But one day the shepherd decided to cook lamb for his own dinner. He chose the biggest, fattest sheep he could find and killed it on the spot. Guess who it was - the wolf!

The moral of the story?  There are plenty of false prophets in the world, people who preach the Good News but fail to live it!  We will recognize them by their actions!  Let’s make that our reminder for the day!  We are all called to preach the Good News, not only in our words but in our actions!


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