Saturday 24th Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel – Luke 8-:4-15

Are Ya Listening?

Mass at Gethsemane

I know what you’re going to say!  Yeah, yeah, the sower and the seed, rocky ground, weeds, thorns, trodden path and good soil.  I’ve heard this plenty of times before; and besides, Jesus explains the entire parable in today’s Gospel!  Same old, same old!  What kind of ground am I?  what prevents me from hearing the Word?  What do I have to do to be more receptive to the Word?

OK, then, let’s take a different perspective!  Picture yourself as the Sower!  Wait, what?  Yes, picture yourself as the Sower.  You are the one spreading the Word!  No, no, that’s not right; that can’t be right.  God is the Sower.

But aren’t we all Christians?  Aren’t we all meant to live a Christ-like life?  Aren’t we all disciples? Of course!  And as disciples we are all called to spread the Word, by our words and our actions, day in and day out!  Does that mean everyone will get it?  Of course not! 

Looking back of 40 years of teaching, I have had more than my share of students ‘nodding off’ in class or just staring off into space as they contemplate what to do once this boring class is over.  But you know what – that didn’t stop me from continuing to teach, to look for other ways to catch their attention and keep them awake! 

Or think about when we were little.  How many times did our parents have to remind us before we actually did our homework or made our bed, took a shower and got dressed?  Did our parents leave it at just one warning? 

Just as in the parable, some people will be stubborn and refuse to listen.  Some people will be tempted away from the Word by the devil.  And some will be so caught up in the world that they lose interest and stray.  Will that make things difficult?  Yes, but remember that for some people the Word will germinate and grow and blossom.  And they will bear fruit!

So the message today?  How will you spread the Word today?  How much of an effort will you make?  And, in the process, don’t be discouraged; your efforts will bear fruit!  Be a disciple today!  Spread the Word!


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