Wednesday – Our Lady of Sorrows

Gospel – John 19:25-27

A Mother’s Love

Church of Holy Sepulchre

Remember all the times when we were young and we actually got away with something.  We took that last cookie!  We broke that glass and hid the evidence!  We got home later than curfew and everyone was asleep and no one noticed, or so we thought!

And what about all those times when we were a complete wreck over a skinned knee or a lost friendship or illness?  How did Mom stay so calm and reassuring?

If you’re like me, you found out later in life that wasn’t the case. Mom knew!  She knew everything!  Just because she didn’t nail you for it doesn’t mean she wasn’t aware!  Throughout our lives, our mom has endured all of our mishaps, our screw-ups.   And when we were suffering, she suffered right alongside us, quietly to herself.  Even though her heart might have been breaking, she stood tall and strong so that we could lean and depend on her.  That is a mother’s love!

And that is what we commemorate today – Our Lady of Sorrows!  Whether it was the sorrow of losing 12-year-old Jesus in the Temple or the flight into Egypt, or standing at the cross and witnessing the death of her Son, Mary kept all those sorrows carefully in her heart.  So much suffering!  So much sorrow!  And yet she endured!

We have all faced sorrow in our lives!  We have all unwittingly caused worry and concern for our own mother.  May the life and example of Our Lady of Sorrows bring us hope and comfort when life drags us down!  May Our Lady be a source of devotion and strength for us in times of need!


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