Monday - 25th Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel – Luke 8:16-18

Shadows and Light

Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

I saw a video recently of a little toddler.  She was outside with her parents taking a short walk.  It’s a gorgeous day and the sun is shining brightly.  But perhaps a bit too brightly for the little one!  You see, this is the moment she sees her shadow for the very first time.  And she is terrified!  She keeps running and looking back, trying to get away from this dark shadow, all to no avail.

We all have shadows in our life, some thrust on us and some of our own making!  They are the sort of things that keep us from living in the present and planning for the future.  They force us to dwell on the past and bring out feelings of anger, regret, resentment, jealousy and even fear (like the little toddler).

Jesus speaks of light and darkness in today’s Gospel and He challenges all of us to live in the light, to be the light for others and not hide it under a basket!  Now that is a real challenge!  I am sitting here this morning in my den/computer room and I have lit a candle.  No other light except for that one little candle.  And I look around at all the shadows that are cast – my coffee cup, the computer monitor, my chair and even myself. 

Everything is casting a shadow, all except for one thing!  The Candle!!!!!  Sure, the wax candle itself casts a shadow.  But the flame of a candle does NOT cast any shadow; it only casts light!  It dispels the darkness!  Let that be our example today, our guiding light!  Be that candle!  Cast the light of your faith!  That is our choice today - to either turn our back on the light and live in the shadows or turn our back on the shadows and walk in the light.


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