Friday – Sacred Heart    6/11

Gospel - John 19:31-37

Have A Heart

Church of Holy Sepulchre

The heart is at the core of our humanity, our mortality.  We depend on its constant beating and pumping of blood to sustain our very life.  It serves as the symbol of our deepest emotion - love!  We freely give our heart away to those we hold dearest.  We hold close to our heart those we cannot live without.  And at times it breaks when we lose a loved one.

We celebrate today the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It is a clear reminder of Jesus’ humanity.  But most importantly it exemplifies Jesus’ extravagant love for each and every one of us.  A love so deep and strong that He died on the cross for us! 

As sad and as terrible as it was, the Crucifixion and death of Jesus in today’s Gospel is also quite simply Jesus’ ultimate act of love!  It serves as a challenge for us.  How do we conform our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?  How do we manifest His love for us in our daily lives?


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