Thursday – 10th Week of Ordinary Time  6/10  (revisited)

Gospel - Matthew5:20-26

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Remember all the fights we all got into as kids?  Arguing, yelling, pouting, walking away in a huff, and even physically fighting?  And remember all the times our parents would drag you all back together, make you face each other, shake hands and say you were sorry?  How did that work out for you? 

In today’s Gospel Jesus challenges us to go way beyond a simple handshake and a couple of words that carry no real repentance.  Jesus is calling for real, heartfelt, soul-shaking change!  Not just in our words or actions, but change down to our very soul. The Greek word is “metanoia”.  And it speaks of a life-altering, soul-searching turning away from anger and resentment to an attitude of forgiveness and repentance. 

Change is hard; none of us like it.  It is more comfortable to stay the way we are.  But change is also necessary!  We hold grudges too easily and too long.  We like to think I’m only mad at that one person and I will never forgive them.  But in the end, that grudge affects all the people around you.  Our anger at that one person affects us to the core. We become closed-in on ourselves and we begin to shut everyone out.  And as long as we hold that anger, that unforgiving attitude, nothing is going to change.

Simple words – Let It Go!  Move on!  The words are simple; actually following through, now that is hard!  But that is exactly what Jesus calls us to do!  Change your mind, change your heart.  Let it go, offer forgiveness and reconcile with your brother.  Otherwise all this built-up animosity, all this resentment will end up consuming you and ruling your life.  Ch Ch Ch Changes!  Let it go!


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