Saturday – 8th Week of Ordinary Tim

Gospel – Mark11:27-33

Who’s In Charge?

Chapel at Cana 

It happens much more than we realize.  We get up in the morning full of ideas and plans for the day – work, clean, cut the grass, do the dishes, prepare dinner, etc.  And then we get that call.  Maybe it’s a friend whose car just died and they need a lift.  Maybe it’s a family member with a medical emergency or a sudden need for you to watch the kids.  No matter what, we drop our plans and meet the need!  No matter what we plan to do or want to do, life happens!  We like to think we are in charge but that is not always the case. 

The Pharisees in today’s Gospel ask a valid question of Jesus.  Where is all your teachings and ministry coming from?  Is it just your thoughts and ideas?  Are you a prophet?  Are you a follower of John the Baptist?  Are you proclaiming that you are doing God’s work?  Who gave you the authority to say all these things?  Who’s in charge here?  You or God?

Now granted, the Pharisees were only looking to trap Jesus but the questions are still important!  And they should resonate with us as well.  Who’s in charge of your life?  You or God?  When life throws hard trials and difficult choices at you, do you rush your response and forget to think of others?  Or do you take the time to step back and pray?  Ask the Father for wisdom and guidance?   Who is really in charge?


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