Friday – 8th Week of Ordinary Tim

Gospel – Mark 11:11-26

I Don’t Give a Fig

A Bountiful Harvest

 It’s just about time to put in our garden.  That means it’s just about time to plant zucchini.  And then, come August and September, I can start pulling the zucchini and begin my baking binge.  But there is a lot to do in-between now and then.  You can’t just plant the seeds one day, wait 3 months, and voila there it is!  It takes work and time and a bit of faith.  But in the end, it is worth it to go out into the yard and harvest the crop.

That is not what happens in today’s Gospel.  Jesus is looking for something to eat.  He goes to a fig tree but there was nothing but leaves.  It was not the season for figs.  The same holds true for any garden we plant; every vegetable and fruit has its season.  We can’t rush it; we can’t make it grow any faster.  It takes time and patience.

But there is also a lesson here about faith as well!  So let this be our thought for the day.  Zucchini has a season; tomatoes have a season.  Even green grass and flowers have a season.  But not faith!  Faith is always in season!  Faith is not about convenience, but commitment.  It is about persistence and growth and patience!  And the reward is a bountiful harvest!



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